Considerations about Circularity β™½

It's a peculiar era, nothing experienced by human beings since the last century but, nevertheless, it's evident that people behaviour hardly changes in its foundamental routine.
Instead of putting efforts on contain the current plague, most of consumers reclaim their right to freely and immoderately keep advantages of the supply chains as we intended since the beginning of the new economy era.

Altough this model of economy dominanted and gave tools for technical development, it exposed its weakness: sustainability.
Lack of sustainability, indeed, a factor needed by every element willing to be in harmony with our uncompromising Mother Nature. This is, in fact, the business model adopted by Nature itself to feed, arrange and renew all its contitutive elements and that's why even the fossil and nuclear provision could represents a parenthesis of Earth's life cycle due to the intrinsicity of the elements on their basis in the ecosystem.

But it's evident that Nature asks us a further improvement, or better, a new effort in evolution that concerns us as community rather than single individuals.
The feature requested this time doesn't concern habitat or biological characteristics but social balance in attidutes and habits. Like sharing.

This, relatively, newborn form of caring of ourselves could be not just an alternative form of exchange but the only way to contain the downsides of the growth based on maximization of profits, endorsing as effective countermeasure optimization of quality instead.

Quality of air, quality of ecosystem, quality in relationships and, in general, quality of life. Others' and, consequently, ours.

Attain such a goal is unexpectedly easy: we have just to look in ourselves looking for that music that sounds like a call of our natural essence. The rest is practice 😊🌱🎢

Hope you're doing well 😊

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Buongiorno Mondo!

Finally, after innumerable adventures, Gnamy is now completely available in bel canto's language: italian!

Gather the meanings together and select the proper terms was pretty funny and satisfying and now the whole platform can be switched between languages choosing the desired in the list of the globe menu on the top right corner or in the footer of every page.

Italian is the first in line of a thick list of many languages in which Gnamy will be available soon and more other snazziness are on their way.

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